Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at BAFTAs

  February 3, 2020 at 8:43 am by

On February 2, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the BAFTA Awards 2020 at the Royal Albert Hall in London, marking Prince William’s tenth year as president of the awards.

Many famous faces were also present at the awards, including the on screen queen Olivia Coleman. Prince William presented a fellowship award to Kathleen Kennedy, producer of the Star Wars movies, as well as Jurassic Park, ET Extra Terrestrial and the Back to the Future trilogy.

Guests at the ceremony were encouraged to wear an old or sustainable outfit, and Kate also took part in the pledge by recycling a gown she first wore during her trip to Malaysia with her husband in 2012. Prince William himself also wore a tuxedo suit he has worn previously.

1917 won the Outstanding British Film Award.

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    the best wishes…Prince Albert is our key and solution

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