Last Day in Luxembourg for Philippe and Mathilde

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On Thursday October 17, King Philippe started the last day of the state visit at the Chamber of Commerce where, along with the Grand Duke, attended a Meet and Greet focused on the Belgian and Luxembourg entrepreneurship followed by a ceremony of signing of memorandums of understanding between Belgium and Luxembourg and a seminar titled “Technology for the Financial Sector: Belgian-Luxembourg Perspectives & Findings”.
Then, at the Center Nature and Forest Biodiversum, the Royal Couple and the Grand Duke attended a seminar entitled “From the linear economy to the circular economy: the future of construction” focused on circular economy in the construction sector.
Afterwards the King and the Queen, along with the Grand Duke, paid a visit to the European Center of Schengen where they toured an exhibition on the signing of the Schengen Agreement.
Later took place a cruise on the Moselle aboard the ship MS Princess Marie-Astrid followed by a lunch.
In the afternoon the Royal Couple accompanied by the Grand Duke visited the Institut Viti-Vinicole, the wine institute, where they attended a presentation of the Luxembourg vineyard related to the use of new technologies.
The state visit ended with the departure ceremony held in front of the Grand Ducal Palace. King Philippe and Queen Mathilde were then accompanied by Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie at the Luxembourg Central Station where they took the train to go back home.

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