British royals pay tribute to Notre Dame fire

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On April 15, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was struck by a ravaging fire which destroyed the roof and spire of the 850 year-old cathedral, which is arguably one of the most significant religious sights in the world and attracts millions of tourists to Paris each year.

In her letter to French President Macron, the Queen said that she and the Duke of Edinburgh were “deeply saddened” by the fire before adding “I extend my sincere admiration to the emergency services who have risked their lives to try to save this important national monument”.

The Prince of Wales also sent a letter to President Macron, which he opened and closed in French, where he also said “I realize only too well what a truly special significance the Cathedral holds at the heart of your nation; but also for us all outside France it represents one of the greatest architectural achievements of Western Civilization”.

A criminal enquiry was launched after French police noted that a stray flame allegedly started the fire, though it has now been ruled that the fire was not a result of arson. Money is already being donated to help restore the cathedral and thousands of visitors have come to pay their respects to the cathedral’s damage.

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One Response to British royals pay tribute to Notre Dame fire

  1. Pam Traves says:

    How Terrible Sad! It is an Amazing Cathedral, So Beautiful and the hundreds of years of history for us to read. It is Heart Breaking!!

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