Queen and Duchess of Cambridge at joint London engagement

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The Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge opened Bush House at King’s College, London on March 19 on a joint engagement.

Bush House previously shared headquarters with the BBC though is now being leased by King’s College, a public research university and is considered to be part of the “golden triangle” of English universities which includes Oxford and Cambridge. Bush House is the newest building on the university’s Strand campus.

As they arrived the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge were greeted by Lord Christopher Geidt, the university chair, as well as the Queen’s former private secretary, then visiting the department of robotics where they were greeted by a robot designed by the university.

The Queen and Kate then visited the entrepreneur department where they met Aysha Ingar, who has designed an platform aimed at Muslim women, as well as Tobi Oredein, who has also designed a platform for black British women; and Qasim Munye, who has designed an app called “Shortly” for portable short stories.

Kate later visited the Foundling Museum in connection with her work in mental health and young people. The Foundling Museum tells the story of the Foundling Hospital, which was founded in 1739 and served as an orphanage until 1951.

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