BNP Leader goes to Buckingham Palace?

  May 21, 2009 at 1:27 pm by

I’m sure HM the Queen has had to deal with situations ranging from silly to the downright diabolical, but this one must take the cake. The Queen, who is the figurehead for the entire commonwealth, might have to welcome a convicted criminal to her Summer Garden Party. As if that weren’t insult enough, apparently it all so that someone can make some political hay out of the invitation that is being completely misused. The Queen, who counts among her subjects a full range of society from Anglo Saxons to Aborigines, might well have to deal with BNP Party Leader Nick Griffin coming to her home.

Not so unusual one might say, but given the fact that this character has been convicted of inciting racial hatred, you’d think those that are in charge of allocating the invitations might put some restrictions on them. Now, an invitation was not issued to Nick Griffin himself, however one of the London Assembly’s members has decided to use one of their guest tickets to bring along this person who can clearly be called a racist.

So exactly why is a convicted criminal in public office anyway? I guess it doesn’t really make sense to me, but apparently enough people agree with his views that he was voted in one way or another. All I know is that I’m sure HM wouldn’t agree with them. And she certainly won’t find meeting him the most pleasurable day of her life. He speaks for one tiny little subsection of society, whereas she must speak for the entire Commonwealth. It certainly won’t look good if she has to make nice with him!

Surely there must be a way to prevent him from showing up and making a political mess out of the entire tradition. I suppose we will see, so stay tuned for further updates!

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