Dutch Royals Present Erasmus Prize 2018

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Today, Tuesday November 27, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima, along with Princess Beatrix, attended the Erasmus Prize Awards at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. The theme of this year was “The Power of Investigative Journalism”.
The King presented this year’s prize to the American journalist and writer Barbara Ehrenreich.
Barbara Ehrenreich is an American journalist, political activist and author of 21 books and she is best known for her 2001 book “Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America”.
She received the award for “her pioneering work in the field of participatory investigative journalism. For her courage to throw herself into the fight in her journalistic work. By leading the lives of people in precarious situations, they give a voice to groups that otherwise will not be heard. As a journalist she uses different disciplines: she combines scientific analytical methods with a literary style and dry humor”.
The prize consists of a sum of € 150,000.
The Erasmus Prize Foundation was founded in 1958 by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and is awarded annually to a person or institution that has made an exceptional contribution to culture, society or social science in Europe and beyond. The Foundation aims to strengthen the position of the humanities, the social sciences and the arts.
This year the Erasmus Prize celebrates its 60th anniversary.

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