Prinsjesdag 2018

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The Dutch Royal Family has celebrated today, Tuesday September 18, the official opening of the parliament, Prinsjesdag.

King Willem-Alexander was joined by his wife, Queen Máxima, his brother Prince Constantijn and his sister-in-law, Princess Laurentien. The Dutch Royals left Noordeinde Palace at around 13:00 heading to the Knight’s Hall in the Glass Carriage through the streets of The Hague.

Princess Beatrix saw the procession of the carriages from the window of the Royal Cabinet. This year were also present the Queen’s mother and brother, Maria del Carmen and Juan.

In his speech the King said that “In 2019 the economy is set to grow for the sixth successive year” and he added: “More people should have a tangible sense that things are going well: at home, at work and in their neighbourhood”. The King also stated that “The government will launch initiatives to combat loneliness among the elderly and give vulnerable groups a firmer footing in society” and he stressed the importance of a favourable economic situation to provide “an opportunity to strengthen and modernise our country’s socioeconomic structure”.

Talking about the European Union the King stated that “2019 will be a busy year, with the appointment of a new European Commission and a Brexit outcome that is still uncertain. The Dutch government will continue promoting a positive agenda for a better EU which concentrates on the essentials and sticks to its agreements”.

King Willem-Alexander also mentioned the Caribbean part of the Kingdom, saying that “the reconstruction of St Maarten, St Eustatius and Saba is a high priority after two devastating earthquakes in 2017. In the next few years, over €600 million will be made available for this purpose”.

At around 14:00, the Dutch Royal Family left the Ridderzaal heading back to the Noordeinde Palace where the traditional balcony appearance took place.

Queen Maxima wore a muslin dress in various pastel colors from the Italian designer Luisa Beccaria from their Fall-Winter 2016/2017 collection. It was paired with a matching Sisal hat with flowers and feathers decoration.

Princess Laurentien wore a deux-pieces, a sleeveless frock completed by a long robe manteau from the Hague Fashion House Hardies. The fabric is inspired by a traditional Venetian damask. It was paired with a matching hat from the Dutch brand Eudia.

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  2. Diana Lucia Zotescu says:

    Royals have a great talent in ennobling everything they touch. I am sure the Caribbean project will turn out to be great and beneficial for those people. Congratulations !

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