Springtime Greetings from Haga Palace

  May 18, 2018 at 2:17 pm by

A set of four new photographs of Princess Estelle of Sweden and her brother Prince Oscar were released on May 18.

They were taken in the gardens of Haga Palace by Lina Broström, who is a new photographer for the family.

The two colour photos showed Estelle and Oscar together; the first depicted the two children inspecting a flower, and the second showed them happily laughing with one another in the grass. The black and white photos were individual photos of the children; with them both in a tree.

At the same time, Kungahuset also stated that Estelle will start school in August at the Campus Manillas Elementary School in Djurgården.

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5 Responses to Springtime Greetings from Haga Palace

  1. Natalya says:

    Wonderful photos… Princess Estelle has grown and has flourished … Prince Oscar is absolutely charming…The moments when these kids discover the nature world around them are so truthful and precious… I admire these pics !

  2. Diana Lucia Zotescu says:

    Beautiful royal childen, both looking very much like their very good looking mother. God bless them all !

  3. RosieStroud says:

    Beautiful photos; so good to see Oscar smiling and laughing!

  4. nancy says:

    Gorgeous children..and Estelle has her mother’s exact chin. I hope she grows up to be as accomplished as Princess Victoria!

  5. Diyah F.S. says:

    Two very charming Royal children. Both are very similar to their mother, Princess Victoria. So fabulous ! May God bless them all and the Kingdom of Sweden, amen.

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