Royal Family Files Complaint With Swiss Police Against Fromer Prince

  November 8, 2017 at 5:56 pm by

The Romanian royal family has filed a complaint against Nicholas Medforth-Mills, formerly Prince Nicholas of Romania, grandson of king Mihai.

Mr. Medforth-Mills was denied entry to the house of his ill grandfather King Mihai in Geneva. After the entry was denied, Nicholas tried to force a way and verbally and physically abused three people in the entourage of the king.

The Romanian royal family released the following statement:

On Tuesday evening, Nov. 7, 2017, Nicholas Medforth-Mills made an attempt to violate the residence of His Majesty the King at his residence in Switzerland. Mr. Medforth-Mills forced the door of the house, involving six people in the incident, including three collaborators of his Majesty’s House.

Mr. Medforth-Mills physically and verbally assaulted three people. One of them has body wounds. Finally, he was prevented from forcing home entry. His Majesty made it clear for several months that he refused to see his nephew, which he had repeatedly told Mr. Medforth-Mills.

There were three nurses attending the incident who came to treat His Majesty who could not get their debt on time. The nurses also made known that they were afraid of their bodily integrity, and that they would discuss their institution if they would come or not to treat the King.

The incident occurred just one hour after King Michael had received Holy Communion from the Messenger of His Eminence Joseph.

His Majesty’s House filed a complaint with the Swiss police.”

On facebook Mr. Medforth-Mills said the following:

Nicholas at his Facebook (I have used translation pages):
I am deeply saddened and do not understand the aggressiveness of the Royal House to do everything possible to prevent me see to see my grandfather and discredit my image. I am not going to enter this dirty game. I will choose to respect my grandfather in these difficult moments, because it is necessary, and christian.I come as the grandson of the King and I just want to see him. If it’s the last time I get here if he is in a better condition, then I’d like to see it. If it is not, then I want to say goodbye to him for the last time.…=page_internal

According to television reports, Crown Princess Margaretha was present in the house of her father when the king’s grandson was denied entry.

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