Interview With Hereditary Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein

  October 30, 2017 at 2:30 pm by

The hereditary princess of Liechtenstein gave an interview to the ‘Volksblatt’, a local publication. The princess, born as a princess of Bavaria, has turned 50 years old on Sunday.

On the question how it feels to be 50, the princess answered: “Very good, I wouldn’t like to be younger”. The princess also says that she will celebrate her birthday in small circle. She told about her childhood in Wildbad Kreuth, where she went ‘very normal’ with her 4 sisters to the local elementary school. She planted carrots, went around on her bicycle and read a lot. The princess adds that she was shaped by Bavaria, by the uncomplicated and open world view of her parents, and especially her Swedish mother.

On the question how a normal day looks for the princess, she laughs: “work, work, work’. ‘ There is a lot to do in a family, in the household, the red cross, my own foundation and with the tasks that I take on with my husband’. She adds that she is happy that they recently had a new dog again. That gives her a reason to walk in nature every day.

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Read the complete interview in German here:

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