Belgian Prime Minister Will Propose Answer To Prince Laurent’s Attorney

  October 27, 2017 at 8:15 am by

The saga around Prince Laurent’s Visit to the Chinese Embassy this summer has not ended yet. Prime Minister Charles Michel was questioned in parliament about next steps in this process.

In August the prince visited a party at the Chinese embassy in Brussels where the 90th anniversary of the Chinese People’s Army was celebrated. The prince did not tell the prime minister about this visit in advance.

The visit became extra problematic because of the agreement the prince had with the prime minister. Due to earlier controversial entanglements of Laurent with Libyan and Congolese officials, the prime minister told Laurent that every meeting with foreign officials would have to be approved by the prime ministers office. Any failure to comply by these new rules would result in a cut in Laurent’s dotation. Newspapers suggested that 77.000 euros could be taken away.

In September the prime minister tried to meet with the Prince. Laurent cancelled his meeting due to an unspecified ‘illness’ and send his attorney to meet the prime minister instead.

The prime minister now promised he would take action soon. He will propose appropriate steps in the counsel of ministers after a full legal analysis.

To be continued …

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