Dutch King and Queen Visit the Eemland Region

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Today, Tuesday October 24, Their Majesties King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima paid a visit to the Eemland Region in the Province of Utrecht.
The first stop was in the medieval gate Koppelpoort that is located in the old town of  Amersfoort where the Eem river begins. The King and the Queen were welcomed by the mayor of Amersfoort, Lucas Bolsius and Willibrord van Beek, Commissioner of the King in the Province of Utrecht.

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Walking through the renovated Eemplein square, the Royal Couple arrived in the Eemhuis cultural center, buildt in 2014, where are housed: the Eemland Library, the Archives Eemland, the Kunsthal KAdE and the Art Center of Schools.
In the cultural center the King and the Queen attended the musical performance of the Amersfoort Youth Orchestra and had meeting with the students of the Art Center of Schools and with Amersfoort’s residents, talking about the rapidly growing population of the city.

Afterwards the Royal Couple went to the municipality of Soest where they visited the De Paardenkamp Foundation, a national resting house for older horses and ponies.
The King and the Queen also visited Gagelgat Farm that is located in the De Paardenkamp Foundation. The farm has spaces available for business meetings, meetings, workshops, trainings, exhibitions and day-care projects for people with intellectual disabilities. In the farm the Royal Couple met with employees, volunteers and clients of the institution Sherpa that provides services for people with mental and  physical disabilities.

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Later, in the municipality of Eemnes the King and the Queen had meetings with farmers focused on the challenges that the agricultural companies face nowadays.
The Royal Couple then took a ferry that brought them to the municipality of Bunschoten, last stage of the visit.

In the village of Spakenburg, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima paid a visit to the Care and Housing Center, a healthcare institution that offers care services.
The Royal Couple met with patients, employees and volunteers of organizations.
The last part of the visit was a tour of the Museum Spakenburg.

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  1. Natalya says:

    So hard-working King and Queen… and beautiful…

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