Poll: 58% of Belgians Want Country To Remain A Monarchy

  September 24, 2017 at 2:03 am by

A new poll conducted for Belgian royalty program Place Royale has shown that 58.2% of respondents want Belgium to remain a monarchy in the future.

1,000 people were surveyed by IVOX, a research agency, earlier this month to ascertain support for the monarchy across a cross-section of the populace. They were asked what they wanted Belgium to be in the future – a monarchy or a republic – and also if the monarchy should be reduced to a “purely protocolary role without the slightest form of power”.

Support for the monarchy was higher in the French-speaking regions of the country (64.8% of Francophones responded in favour of keeping the monarchy, compared to 18.7% wanting a republic), than in the Dutch-speaking regions of the country (who were only 53.7% in favour, with 30% saying they wanted to become a republic). 16.4% answered with ‘no response’.

There was a ‘yes’ response of 50.6% to the question of reducing the monarch’s power.

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One Response to Poll: 58% of Belgians Want Country To Remain A Monarchy

  1. Clarence LaFuentes II says:

    Good evening,
    Persevere in faith. God bless you all. Yes a monarchy should stay.
    I want to be a Belgian citizen.

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