Engagement of Princess Mako Officially Announced

  September 3, 2017 at 5:50 pm by

The engagement of Princess Mako of Akishino and Kei Komuro was officially announced on Sunday, with the betrothed pair attending a press conference at Akasaka Estate, the Princess’s family home in Tokyo.

“I had already made up my mind, so I immediately accepted on the spot,” the Princess said of Mr Komuro’s proposal of marriage, that took place back in December 2013. Princess Mako said that the pair both “had an understanding that we should date someone we might one day marry.”

She described her fiancé as someone who “warmly encourages her” and that she was “first attracted to his bright smiles that seemed like the sun”, when they met in 2012 when studying at the International Christian University. Mr Komuro, who is now studying business law Hitotsubashi University, described the Princess as someone who “watches over him calmly like the moon”.

The Princess said she was hoping to “make a warm and comfortable family full of smiles with Mr. Komuro.” Her fiancé said that he “recognised seriously that I bear a grave responsibility” marrying a member of the Imperial Family (even though Princess Mako will lose her place in the Imperial Family when they marry).

Princess Mako and Mr Komuro had earlier in the day met with Emperor Akihito, the Princess’s grandfather, to receive his blessing for the union during a ‘saika’ ahead of the official announcement by the Grand Steward of the Imperial Household Agency, Shinichiro Yamamoto.

The couple is expected to marry in 2018.

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One Response to Engagement of Princess Mako Officially Announced

  1. Pam Traves says:

    Princess Mako is So Lovely!! I hope she has Good marriage, but it is NOT fare to lose her Title because her future husband is not royal!! Japan is the only country who does this. They should stop this very old history!

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