Luxembourg’s Grand Ducal Family attends Octave Closing

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The Luxembourg Grand Ducal Family was out in force yesterday, celebrating the closure of the Octave of Our Lady of Luxembourg. The event is an annual event attended by the family. In attendance this year, as usual, were the Grand Duke and Duchess, accompanied by Prince Felix, Princess Alexandra, Prince Sebastien and Prince Louis and his wife Tessy de Nassau.

Click to see the gallery from RTL

Click to see the gallery from RTL

The family participated in the traditional procession, where the statue of Mary (the patron saint of Luxembourg since 1678) which has resided in the Notre-Dame Cathedral for the two weeks of the Octave celebrations is carried through the streets of Luxembourg’s capital city.

Hundreds of pilgrims from Luxembourg, the Lorraine region of France and the Eifel region of Germany joined the procession, as did various members of the Luxembourg Government.

Following the procession, the Grand Ducal Family appeared on the balcony of the Grand Ducal Palace, and those who came out to support them were given a pleasant surprise when Prince Louis and Tessy brought their two young sons, Gabriel and Noah, out on to the balcony to join their family.

The thread for the Closing of the Octave celebrations can be found here.

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