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Location: Windsor, Berkshire, United Kingdom
Built: 1070-1086 (original), 1165-1179 (expansion – royal apartments), 1240–1263 (expansion – Lower Ward buildings), 1350-1383 (expansion), 1475-1528 (St George’s Chapel), 1675-1683 (restoration), 1760s-1811 (renovations), 1824-1828 (expansion)
Architects: William of Wykeham (expansion – Lower Ward buildings), Hugh May (restoration), James Wyatt (renovations), Sir Jeffry Wyatville (expansion)
Commissioned By: William the Conquerer (original), Henry II (expansion), Henry III (Lower Ward buildings), Edward III (expansion), Edward IV (St George’s Chapel), Charles II (restoration), George III (renovations), George IV (expansion)
Style: Gothic
Rooms: Approximately 1,000
On The Palace Grounds: St George’s Chapel, Queen Mary’s Dolls House, The Royal Archives
Current Owner: H.M. The Queen of the United Kingdom, in right of The Crown
Current Use: Official residence of the British monarch
Fun Fact: After part of the Castle was destroyed by fire in November 1992, £37 million was spent on a five-year restoration to bring the Castle back to its former glory

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2 Responses to Palace Profile: Windsor Castle

  1. Amanda says:

    I’ve been to Windsor Castle back in 2011 and it was one of the most amazing experiences I had in UK. Would definitely go back!

  2. Geoffrey Allen says:

    Beautiful Castle with an idyllic chapel where the Order of the Garter meet. Always a tourist attraction is the Changing of the Guard,similar to that at Buckingham Palace.. Situated on a hill the setting with the Long Walk within Windsors Grand Pak , the grand old River Thames flowing below the hill, the bridge and Elton College beyond, leaves so much to be enjoyed for the visitor.

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