Statue of Queen Sonja Unveiled in Park of Royal Palace

  July 4, 2017 at 6:27 pm by

One of Queen Sonja’s 80th birthday gifts was unveiled today in the park of the Royal Palace of Oslo: she received a bronze statue of herself from the Norwegian Tourist Association.

It depicts the Queen, an avid hiker and nature person, sitting on a rock with her hiking backpack open next to her. It was designed and sculpted by Kirsten Kokkin, who said she envisioned Queen Sonja “overcoming a challenge, and reflecting her mind on the Norwegian mountain peaks”.

Attending the unveiling were Queen Sonja and her whole family: King Harald V, the Crown Princely Family, and Princess Märtha Louise with her three daughters.

Crown Prince Haakon gave a brief speech during the event, which was followed by a picnic in the park, where he spoke of his mother’s love of Norway’s gorgeous nature: “In our family, it’s a story that repeats time after time. Let me give an example: I’m coming to a cabin, far off the beaten track. A little proud to have gone so far – to be met by a pleasant host who says, ‘So nice to see you! Your mother was here a month ago.”

In the evening, a private party was held at Bygdøy Kongsgård for the Queen’s family and friends.

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