Reports: Prince Ernst August Sr Will Not Attend Son’s Wedding

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The German media is reporting that Prince Ernst August, the head of the House of Hanover, will not be attending the wedding of his elder son, Prince Ernst August, this coming weekend in Hanover.

Bild quotes a report in Handelsblatt, who have confirmed the Prince’s non-attendance due to a financial dispute between father and son. Prince Ernst August is requesting his son return all ‘gifts’ he was given between 2004 and 2006, which include the family’s seat, Marienburg Castle.

According to the newspaper, Prince Ernst August has said that “the decision was not easy for me, because it concerns my son. But I am forced to do so in order to preserve the interests of the House of Hanover and the property, including cultural property, which has been its property for centuries.”

It seems that the senior Ernst August does not approve of his son’s marriage to Ekaterina Malysheva. Apparently an ‘ultimatum’ has been issued to the younger Ernst August, essentially demanding everything returned to his father’s control by Friday. “I continue to hope that my son will eventually think of the best interests of our family and yield. I am ready for discussion and reconciliation,” the senior Prince said to Handelsblatt.

The couple are scheduled to marry religiously on Saturday at Hanover’s Marktkirche, before a reception at Herrenhäuser Castle and a party at Marienburg. It remains to be seen whether the father of the groom will relent and make an appearance…

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6 Responses to Reports: Prince Ernst August Sr Will Not Attend Son’s Wedding

  1. Elizabeth Peaae says:

    Ernst August, the father, sounds like a real tyrant!

  2. Saphiress Saphiress says:

    Prince Earnest August Sr Has All The Right To Claim Back His Ancestral Property He Is The King of Hanover And Shall Be Long Live HRH

  3. RosieStroud says:

    He is not the King of Hanover, such a title no longer exists. He may have a right to reclaim the property, but that will very much depend on the legal manner in which they were ‘gifted’ to his eldest son. This man is hardly a model of propriety with alleged addiction issues in the past, so from a moral viewpoint has very little clout. His son’s choice of bride is not his business, as his son is of legal age. He needs to learn to get on with people, be tolerant and live in peace. I imagine Princess Caroline is more than happy to be out of her marriage to him, albeit only separated!

  4. princesslee says:

    All I can say is, Ernst Sr. has a lot of nerve to disapprove of the woman his son wants to marry after the decadent, immoral life he has led. The son certainly had a poor example of a father to look up to.

    I really hope this awful man doesn’t make a fool of himself by deciding showing up at the wedding and causing a commotion.

  5. Vail says:

    Sometimes, I honestly have wondered about his mental health. what sort of man urinates in public, beats people up in night clubs… and NOW he thinks he can just pretend he has been a fantastic model of a PRINCE?
    I am so sad for his son, for anyone related to him. His wife has lives apart from him so long now…. just yuck. Hard to believe there was a time when EA was on the “short list” (allegedly at least) of men that Prince Rainier and Princess Grace hoped that Caroline would someday wed. They surely could not have predicted any of his behavior that we know about. How SAD for a parent to be so cruel and hateful in such a special time in his child’s life. Over land? I don’t even understand that part!

  6. mrswhit says:

    Its odd that Sr is so adamant about this- and I haven’t seen anything that indicates what his specific issue is with the bride. She’s not aristocratic, so I wondered if that was his issue, e.g. morganatic marriage- but his own first marriage was made dynastic by his father, even though his first wife was a commoner. A rich commoner. Then, I have to wonder if he wants the son to have the marriage approved by the Queen to preserve his place in the succession of the UK- but this gets to be a bit silly when you’re literally number 1138 or something, and that wouldn’t preclude him from approving of it himself. So I can only guess that 1)she’s just not rich enough 2)he wants to jerk people around and both of those sound like what we know of him.

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