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Watered-Down State Opening of Parliament Held in London

  June 21, 2017 at 2:43 pm by

There was less pomp, less circumstance for the 2017 State Opening of Parliament in London on Wednesday, which saw Queen Elizabeth forego the traditional robes and crown she has worn in years past for a simple day frock and matching hat.

Arriving by car instead of carriage, the Queen was accompanied by the Prince of Wales, who stood in for the Duke of Edinburgh (the Duke was admitted to hospital on Tuesday evening as a precaution to an infection). She read the Queen’s Speech, an outline of the government – which was cobbled together by Prime Minister Theresa May in a union with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party – plans for the coming two years (parliament will be sitting for an extended session, it was announced earlier, meaning there will not be a state opening in 2018). Most of the main points focused on Brexit, Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Commentators were quick to draw comparisons between Her Majesty’s hat – a brilliant shade of blue which matched her overcoat, adorned with blue flowers with yellow centres – and the flag of the European Union. It brought a sense of ironic humour to the event, as some wondered whether the Queen was trolling everyone…

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