Sayako Kuroda Made Supreme Priestess Of Holiest Shinto Shrine

  June 20, 2017 at 5:56 pm by

In accordance with decades-long tradition, Sayako Kuroda has been named the supreme priestess of Ise Jingū. She is replacing her aunt, Atsuko Ikeda, who held the position since 1988.

The Ise Jingū Shinto Shrine is one of the most holy shrines in Japan, and is dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu. Since the end of World War Two and the disestablishment of State Shinto, the supreme priest and/or priestess is a position held by a former member of the Imperial Family, or a descendant of such a member.

Mrs Kuroda will now attend the shrine’s festive events throughout the year representing her father, the Emperor.

Sayako Kuroda and her husband in 2005

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One Response to Sayako Kuroda Made Supreme Priestess Of Holiest Shinto Shrine

  1. Pam Traves says:

    A Lovely Couple!! I’m so sad the Sayako lost she Royal Title because her husband was not Royal! For me she is a Royal Princess forever!!

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