Princess Beatrix Presents Silver Carnations During Ceremony At Royal Palace Amsterdam

  June 14, 2017 at 2:22 pm by

At the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands present the Silver Carnations of the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund on Wednesday.

This year’s Carnations went to Jan Buisman for his “contribution to the history of meteorology”, Elise Wessels van Houdt for her patronage of stage and visual arts along with her donation of 2,000 Japanese prints to the Rijksmuseum, and Pieter Breuker for his “contribution to the history of sport in relation to art and culture”.

The Prince Bernhard Culture Fund was formed in 1940 by the Princess’s father, Prince Bernhard, and today promotes culture within the Netherlands.

The Silver Carnations are presented each year to individuals who have voluntarily worked to benefit the culture and nature of the country.

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