Crown Princess Mary’s Busy Day

  June 8, 2017 at 4:45 pm by

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark just got back from a two day trip to Paris, but was back to work with a busy day on Thursday.

First event of the day, the Crown Princess attended a social exclusion conference held by both The Mary Foundation and the Tryg Foundation. She arrived at the event wearing a red dress matched with a tweed jacket, orange pumps and a nice Prada bag, and gave a speech where she said “Denmark is a small country and our cohesion is great. Our community has a good starting point, but we must not forget that the community does not necessarily come from itself. The community is our responsibility, we are the community – and we can all do ours To open up the communities by meeting people with openness, respect and positive expectations”. The full speech can be read here.

Princess Mary’s second event was a bit more relaxed, as she attended the Baghland Copenhagen 20th anniversary reception. Princess Mary toured the centre and spoke to individuals.

Baglandet is a meeting place which also offers counselling, support and support from others who have been placed into homes which aren’t theirs.

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