Queen Sofia Comes to the Rescue of Lonely Elephant

  May 15, 2009 at 10:19 pm by

Susi the elephant

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Queen Sofia

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A well-known animal lover, Spain’s Queen Sofia has recently received global media attention for her involvement in the case of a lonely elephant. Susi, of Barcelona Zoo, has been showing symptoms of loneliness since the death of Alicia (her companion) last year. Queen Sofia has written a letter to the zoo’s operator (Barcelona City Hall) to request that Susi is moved to a bigger enclosure, from her current concrete pen.

The African-born elephant is expected to have a grim, and possibly shortened, life if things continue as they are. So in February, the Foundation for the Adoption, Sponsorship and Defence of Animals wrote to the royal palace, securing the support of the Queen to help the bored and depressed Susi.

One newspaper reported the zoo as saying that the elephant is in good health.
Reports suggest that Susi is now to be moved to a new home with several other elephants for company.

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  1. Wonderful, compassionate lady, my favourite Queen apart from QE II. I hope Susi finds another companion and enjoys life with the other elephants.
    Congrats. too to the Duchess of Cornwall. Very good to read stories like this.

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