Two Times The Heir: Danish and Swedish Crown Princely Couples Join Forces In Stockholm

  May 29, 2017 at 7:22 pm by

The Crown Prince and Princess of Denmark began their two-day business trip to Sweden on Monday, where they were joined by Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel for their busy day of engagements.

First up, the happy quartet attended the official start of the Danish business delegation visit at the Munich Brewery, with a speech from Prince Frederik kicking things off. The two couples had earlier posed for photographs outside before participating in several seminars at the Brewery.

Frederik and Victoria were present for seminars on sustainability, while Mary and Daniel sat in on seminars on Intelligent Health Care before they opened the Designlounge and viewed the Danish designs on display. After lunch, the duos switched and attended seperate exhibitions at the Munich Brewery.

In the evening, a reception was hosted for the business delegates on the Danish royal yacht the Dannebrog ahead of a dinner at Eric Ericssonhallen.

The theme of this business visit, which Frederik and Mary have done several of in recent years in a number of countries, is “Liveable Scandinavia”.

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