On This Day: Mary of Teck, Future British Queen, Is Born

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150 years ago, a Princess was born at Kensington Palace – Victoria Mary of Teck. Her father was a German Prince who later became the Duke of Teck, while her mother was a granddaughter of the British King George III. May, as she was known, would bring her family back into the main line of the British Royal Family through her marriage to a future British King.

Princess May spent her childhood in London and various countries around Europe where her parents had family. At the age of 24, she became engaged to the grandson of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (who very much approved of May as a potential bride), Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale, who was set to inherit the throne after his father. Unfortunately for May, her fiance passed away six weeks after they became engaged.

Over the next year and a half, the Princess grew close to Albert Victor’s younger brother, George. They married in July 1893, and May became The Duchess of York and a future Queen Consort of the United Kingdom. George and May had a successful and happy marriage, which bore six children: Edward VIII, George VI, Princess Mary, Countess of Harewood, Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, Prince George, Duke of Kent, and Prince John.

May became Queen in 1911 upon the death of her father-in-law, Edward VII. Throughout the reign of her husband, she carried out a number of royal duties, especially during the First World War, when she ran rationing drives at the royal palaces and spent time visiting wounded soldiers.

The Queen died aged 85 in March 1953, shortly before the coronation of her granddaughter; an event she declared would not be postponed should she pass in its lead-up. Her funeral took place at St George’s Chapel, Windsor, where she was also buried.

Mary is most well-known for her huge love of everything sparkle – she was gifted numerous tiaras and jewels throughout her life, and had no objection to purchasing them for herself either. Upon her death, her fabulous jewel collection was split between her granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth II, and two of her sons, the Dukes of Gloucester and Kent.

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