Palace Profile: Hampton Court Palace

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The main entrance of Hampton Court Palace

Location: Richmond upon Thames, London, United Kingdom
Built: 1515-1540 (original form); 1689-1694 and 1697-1700 (current form)
Architect: Sir Christopher Wren and William Talman (current form)
Commissioned By: Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, Henry VIII of England (original form); Mary II and William III of England (current form)
Style: Tudor, Italian Renaissance, Baroque
Rooms: Over 1,000
On The Palace Grounds: Banqueting House, Chapel Royal, Hampton Court Maze
Current Owner: H.M. The Queen of the United Kingdom, in right of The Crown
Current Use: Tourist attraction, offices
Fun Fact: George I of the United Kingdom installed a chocolate kitchen, headed by his chocolatier Thomas Tosier, into the Palace when he became King

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