Palace Profile: Royal Palace of Brussels

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The facade of the Royal Palace of Brussels at dusk

Location: Brussels, Kingdom of Belgium
Built: 1775-1783 (original buildings); 1820-1829 (renovation); 1903-1909 (expansion to current form)
Architects: Louis Montoyer (original); Tilman-François Suys (renovation); Alphonse Balat and Henri Maque (expansion)
Commissioned By: Willem I of the Netherlands (renovation); Leopold II of the Belgians (expansion)
Style: Neoclassical
Current Owner: The Belgian State
Current Use: State events hosted by the Belgian Monarchy, offices of the Belgian Royal Family
Fun Fact: Underneath the Palace lies part of the ruins of the Medieval Coudenberg Palace, which burnt down in 1731

A full list of Palace Profiles can be found here.

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