Diamond Tiara Stolen From The Badisches Landesmuesum

  May 8, 2017 at 8:19 pm by

A diamond tiara with an estimated value of €1.2million was stolen over a week ago from the Badisches Landesmuseum in Karlsruhe, Germany. It belonged to Grand Duchess Hilda of Baden (1864-1952), born a Princess of Nassau, wife of the last reigning Grand Duke of Baden.

The tiara, featuring over 360 diamonds set in gold and platinum, was displayed in the ‘Schloss und Hof’ exhibition of the museum, which is located in the Karlsruhe Palace, former residence of the Grand Dukes of Baden. The thieves somehow removed it from its glass display case without setting off the alarm system.

Eckart Köhne, the museum’s Director, said that the tiara was “an important piece of the history of Baden and invaluable to the museum” and that he hopes the tiara will be found and returned.

The theft was made public on Monday by the Baden-Wurttemberg police in an effort to see if any members of the public had information that could assist in the information.

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