Carl Philip Celebrates 30th Birthday surrounded by Family

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Prince Carl Philip of Sweden yesterday celebrated his thirtieth birthday, with a public celebration in the courtyard of the Royal Palace of Stockholm.

Click to see the images from Hola

Click to see the images from Hola

The Prince was joined by his parents and two sisters, Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine, for the celebration, which saw hundreds gather in the royal courtyard to wish him a happy birthday. The Prince was presented with flowers and home-made Swedish flags from the children who were in the crowd.

The military band played for the Royal Family after they made their appearance at 1pm. They played “Ack Värmland, du sköna” (“Oh Värmland, Thou Art Beautiful”) in tribute to the Prince, who is also the Duke of Värmland. But when it came time to sing the birthday song, “Ja, må han leva” (“Yes, may he live”), it almost didn’t happen! The crowd did not know when to begin singing, and it was up to King Carl XVI Gustaf to begin himself! Waving his arm in time with the music, he received a laugh from his daughters, and the crowd quickly caught on.

His Royal Highness Prince Carl Philip Edmund Bertil was born on May 13th, 1979  at the Royal Palace of Stockholm; the second child of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and his wife Silvia. At the time of his birth, Carl Philip was the heir to the Swedish throne, but was moved down to second in line following the enforcement of the 1979 Act of Succession. The newborn Prince was christened at the Royal Palace Church on August 31st that year; with his godparents being the Duke of Halland, Prince Leopold of Bavaria, the Queen of Denmark and Princess Birgitta of Sweden.

The Prince was educated at several schools in the Bromma area, and in Stockholm. He attended the Kent School in the United States, before completing his secondary education at the Lundsbergs Upper Secondary School. Most recently, the Prince has studied graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design.

As a Swedish Prince, Carl Philip went through military service. He was promoted to the rank of sub-lieutenent in the Royal Swedish Navy in 2004. Some of the Prince’s leisure pursuits include football and skiing, he is also a keen race-car driver. He currently competes in the Carrera Cup Scandinavia.

The thread for Carl Philip’s birthday can be found here.

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  1. Stephen Contrado says:


    Prince Carl Philip gives every evidence of being a fine man and a credit to the House of Bernadotte. A middle child with two sisters, he knows how to both learn from and to set a good example for the opposite sex. Birth order and sibling rivalry play an important role even in royal families.
    His education was excellent. He demonstrated mastery of metaphysical and scientific knowledge and studied graphic art at the Rhode Island School of Design. He takes pride in good manners and has learned good sportsmanship from football, swimming, skiing, and car racing. He served
    in the Swedish coast guard attaining the rank of combat-boat commander.
    Prince Carl Philip shares May 13th for his birthday with the famous
    psychologist and psychic researcher Nandor Fodor (1895-1964) who introduced the theory that poltergeist disturbances were caused not by
    spirits but by individuals suffereing from emotional problems, such as
    repressed anger and sexual frustration.
    Intelligent, physically fit, and accompanied by auspicious notes Prince Carl Philip follows and makes fine strides upon the same road wise and virtuous men have paved. Let’s wish him every success! — Stephen Contrado, B.A., Th.M., Hull, Massachusetts U.S.A.

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