New Polls Illustrate Public Support of Danish, Dutch, Swedish Monarchies

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The results of a series of polls taken recently were released this week in Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden on various aspects of their respective monarchies.

In Denmark, a Gallup poll commissioned by BT asked over 1,100 Danes which member of the royal family they felt represented Denmark the best. Crown Princess Mary received the highest average ranking, a 4.52 out of 5.

She does not have any weak points. She has style and social intelligence. She looks good. She is wholehearted in her role, and she does well as a mother…and she has made some really good choices as to what she can do voluntarily,” historian and royal expert Sebastian Olden-Jørgensen said to BT on the result.

Queen Margrethe II and Crown Prince Frederik were not far behind the Crown Princess, while Princess Marie ranked fourth, and Prince Joachim and Prince Henrik last.

In the Netherlands, an RTL Nieuws-commissioned survey of over 500 people found that 86.3% of those surveyed feel King Willem-Alexander is doing a good job; and 72.8% of the respondents gave his work for 2016 a score of 8 out of 10.

Queen Máxima is the most popular member of the family, being found the ‘most sympathetic’ member of the royal family by 45.2% of the respondents; King Willem-Alexander the second most with 18.4%. Princess Mabel is the least popular (0.4%), with Princess Ariane and Prince Constantijn the next at 1.4% (why the three daughters of the King and Queen were included in the poll is a little odd, considering they are quite young and do not perform official duties).

The King’s 800,000 Euro annual income was also surveyed: 57% feel that this amount is too high, 40.5% feel it is correct, and 2.5% feel it is too low.

A second survey reported by NOS indicated that support for the Dutch monarchy was at 70% prior to Koningsdag, up from 65% this time last year.

And finally, over in Sweden, Expressen commissioned a poll of over 1,000 people undertaken by Demoskop. The numbers are not as favourable for the Swedish Royal Family overall as they have been in previous years; though Crown Princess Victoria comes out on top in most person-specific questions. 57% of the respondents feel she is the best representative of Sweden (up from 45% in 2007); in comparison, King Carl Gustaf’s 19% is quite down from 31% in 2007. Double the amount of respondents (21%) compared to 2007 (10%) said they did not know who was the best representative.

The Crown Princess is also the most appreciated, at 50% of respondents. 49% of respondents feel that the King should hand the throne over to Crown Princess Victoria within 5 years, 27% answered when he dies.

39% of respondents have high confidence in the Royal Family, down from 45% in 2012. 1 in 5 people have little confidence or trust in the Royal Family. Support for the monarchy is lowest in the 18-39 year old age group.

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