Princess Sofia Inaugurates Her First Exhibition in Romania!

  April 27, 2017 at 10:21 am by

From the TRF Avatar Gallery

From the TRF Avatar Gallery

Her Royal Highness Princess Sofia of Romania held her first ever exhibition of photographic works in Romania yesterday at the Media Hall of the National Theatre in Bucharest today.

The exhibition entitled “Nature Elements” includes fifty landscape photographs revealing “the beauty of nature” that the Princess has made during the last two years in Brittany, France where she lives.

The event also heralded the launch a collection of thirty-six Ultramarine works of art in the form of postcards signed by Princess Sofia showing images that focus on the ocean environment.  Alongside the talented Princess to give their support were her sister, Crown Princess Margareta and brother-in-law Prince Radu.

During the inauguration of the exhibition, the Princess spoke movingly of her work (source: Ager Press)

I am happy and proud to present my work…and this exhibition is a celebration for me…I invite you to enter into the spirit of my work and explore the places that have moved me

She also spoke of how she wanted to continue the tradition of the Royal Family of Romania in promoting Romanian art and values:

In the last 150 years…my family have made a serious contribution to the arts not only as protectors but also as artists. I also want to contribute to the continuation of [this] tradition…and to make the traditions and artistic life of Romania known in the world

Princess Sofia is the fourth daughter of King Michael and the late Queen Anne. Much of her photographic work has been taken around the coast where she lives. However, the Princess revealed that she plans a second exhibition in 2018, this time about her travels through Romania with a project dedicated to “capturing the diversity and rich history of our rural and cultural heritage”

For more images of this event, please click here.  To see photographs taken by Princess Sofia, please click here.

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