Charles and Camilla Meet Pope Francis At The Vatican

  April 4, 2017 at 4:11 pm by

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall had a private audience with Pope Francis on Tuesday as part of their week-long tour of Europe.

Taking place in the Pope Paul VI Audience Hall, the audience lasted twenty minutes. Afterwards, the couple and the Pope presented each other with gifts – a hamper of goods from the Highgrove estate for Pope Francis; a bronze olive branch and the Pope’s papal document on climate change for the royals.

“Wherever you go, may you be a man of peace,” Pope Francis said to Prince Charles during the gift swap (the olive branch is a symbol of peace).

In a sign of changing times at the Vatican, the Duchess did not wear black or a mantilla, as has been usual tradition for non-Catholic female royals in the past. Instead, she looked elegant in a gold frock from her favourite designer, Anna Valentine, accessories with a matching scarf and pearl jewellery.

Earlier in the day upon their arrival in Rome, Prince Charles and the Duchess stopped in at the Italian capitals’ British School before being given a tour of the Vatican Library and Secret Archives, where they were shown a number of documents from the 1500s that link England and the Catholic Church.

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