Court Ruling: King Albert II Not Delphine Boël’s Father

  March 28, 2017 at 4:30 pm by

A Brussels court has today ruled that Delphine Boël has not satisfied their requirements to forfeit her paternity in her years-long quest to be recognised as the biological daughter of King Albert II of Belgium. 

“The Court considers that, given the importance and during of the affective reality revealed by the possession of an existing state between Ms D. Boël and Mr J. Boël [Jacques Boël, Delphine’s legal father] and that the role of filiation in civil law…, Ms D. Boël does not satisfy the burden of proof and thus cannot show the non-paternity of Mr J. Boël. The application must therefore be declared unfounded,” was one of the key judgements delivered.

Because the court ruled against forfeiting Mr Boël’s paternity in regards to Delphine, it therefore concluded that her case for having paternity transferred to the former Belgian monarch “inadmissible”. In Belgian law, “the tie of filiation is not reduced to biological data”.

One of Delphine’s legal team has indicated that the decision will be appealed.

She first began legal proceedings to contest her paternity in 2013. Jacques Boël has taken a DNA test that indicates he is not Delphine’s biological father.

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  1. Carmen says:

    Perche’ non fanno prova DNA dell” ex re Alberto?

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