The Gloucesters Out and About

  March 28, 2017 at 11:22 am by

The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester were out and about on Tuesday, quietly performing their royal duties as usual.

We’ll begin with the Duke, who spent the day in the West Midlands. Prince Richard, a first cousin of the Queen, opened two buildings and helped celebrate an anniversary over the course of the day.

He first visited the Stourbridge Registration Office, where he opened the Thomas Robinson Building following it’s 13-year refurbishment headed by the West Midlands Historic Buildings Trust. It used to be a chapel, but now will be part of the registration office to be used for civil partnership ceremonies and citizenship ceremonies.

The Duke then headed to West Midlands Construction University Technical College, touring the college with students learning about what they work on during semester. His final stop was to the Compton Hospice, which this year is celebrating 35 years of service.

Meanwhile, Richard’s wife, Birgitte, was busy on the education front: the Duchess, as patron, first opened St Helen’s School’s new Junior School building, and then headed to Princess Helena College where she was tasked with laying the first stone of the school’s performing arts centre. The Duchess, in a lovely green and black ensemble, also opened their Heritage Wall and Rose Garden.

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  1. J. Dexter says:

    S.o nice to see this admirable and loyal couple get some attention. Notice all the smiles around them…

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