Camilla Bowls Them Over

  May 11, 2009 at 5:09 pm by

I’m fairly used to the sight of white-clad golden oldies showing their ball skills on a perfectly mowed lawn (I live near a Bowls club you see), but never did it cross my mind that bowls would become the sport of Kings. Or rather future Queens.

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall showed her flair for the game today on a visit to the village of Box in Wiltshire where she apparently scored a “jack-high.” Dear readers, this means nothing to me but the admiration for the Duchess’s bowling skills was as effusive as it was unanimous. Dressed in a familiar but elegant blue two-piece, HRH chatted with locals and engaged in the local pastime with enthusiasm, even going bare footed as she bowled her best before officially opening the new clubhouse.

It’s hard to imagine the Queen showing her tights, but it certainly endeared Camilla to the people of Box.

For a play-by-play account, see this article.

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