Prince Harry Speaks Mental Health With Veterans At London Conference

  March 16, 2017 at 4:17 am by

As part of the Heads Together Campaign, Prince Harry participated in the Veterans’ Mental Health Conference at King’s College London.

Harry met a number of military personnel who were injured in combat and saw their mental health suffer as a result. Among them were former Royal Marine Philip Eaglesham, who contracted Q Fever while in Afghanistan, and Major Ivan Castro, who lost his eyesight during a tour of Iraq. The conference was organised by in conjunction with the Military of Defence, the NHS and military charities such as Forces in Mind and Contact Armed Forces to “make mental health support more accessible” for returning soldiers.

Leading a discussion panel at the conference, the Prince spoke of the difficulties soldiers have in discussing their mental health with others, because “once you put that uniform on during your training, you are taught to be invincible and not to let anybody down.” He encouraged everyone to speak about any issues they may have instead of bottling them inside, or worse, turning to alcohol.

Before he left the conference, Harry spent time with two veterans – Major Ivan Castro and Private Karl Hinnet (who suffered burns to 37% of his body when the tank he was riding in was set alight by rioters in Iraq) – who will be taking part in the upcoming London Marathon for Heads Together.

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One Response to Prince Harry Speaks Mental Health With Veterans At London Conference

  1. Nancy says:

    Hooray for Harry. He is truly authentic! His mother would be proud!

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