Queen Mathilde in Laos: Days Three and Four

  February 23, 2017 at 12:23 pm by

Her Majesty Queen Mathilde continued her mission in Laos on Wednesday February 22.

The Queen started her third day in Laos with a visit at the Doub Preschool in the Ta Oi district of the Saravan province. In this school is active the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Education(WASH) program that aims to promote the improvement of the children’s health condition by teaching to the children how to prevent diseases by regularly washing their hands. Then the Queen paid a visit to a health centre.

The fourth and last day in Laos for Queen Mathilde, on Thursday February 23, began in the Champasak province where she visited the Nongsay Primary School. In the school took place a seminar about the mine risk education, organized by the Lao National Unexploded Ordnance Program (UXO LAO), an organization established in 1996 by the Lao government.

At the end of her mission in Laos, Queen Mathilde visited the Vat Phu Temple in the South of the country. Since 2011 the Temple in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

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