Palace Profile: Tokyo Imperial Palace

  February 26, 2017 at 6:00 am by

Moat and bridge on the grounds of the Imperial Palace

Location: Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
Built: 1888 (original), 1968 (current)
Built By: Takenaka Corporation (current)
Commissioned By: Emperor Meiji of Japan (original), Emperor Hirohito of Japan/State of Japan (current)
Style: Traditional Japanese/Modernist
On The Palace Grounds: Chōwaden Reception Hall, Imperial Household Agency Headquarters, Fukiage Garden, Tōkagakudō Music Hall
Current Owner: The State of Japan
Current Use: Official residence of T.I.M. The Emperor and Empress of Japan
Fun Fact: The Palace complex is connected to the city by a series of bridges over moats that surround the complex

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