Princess Caroline Celebrates Sixtieth Birthday

  January 23, 2017 at 6:00 am by

Monaco’s Princess Caroline turns sixty years old today, January 23.

Born in 1957 at the Prince’s Palace, Caroline is the eldest child of Prince Rainier III of Monaco and film star Grace Kelly. Her two siblings – Albert and Stephanie – were born in 1958 and 1965 respectively. Speaking five languages, the Princess studied philosophy at Sorbonne University after completing her baccalaureate.

As a young woman, Princess Caroline was noted for her beauty (she was Grace’s daughter after all), a natural beauty that went along with her love of horse riding and sport. Her entire look and style for many years, from the time she was a young woman, has been described as timeless and elegant.

The Princess has been married three times: firstly in 1978 to French banker Philippe Junot, they divorced in 1980; secondly in 1983 to Italian Stefano Casiraghi, he was killed in a speed-boat accident in 1990; and thirdly in 1999 to Ernst August V, Prince of Hanover (whom it is believed her mother wished her to marry back in the ’70s instead of Junot), the couple are separated. From her two latter marriages, Caroline has four children: Andrea, Charlotte and Pierre Casiraghi, and Princess Alexandra of Hanover.

Princess Caroline has been involved in large amounts of charity work over the decades, with much of her focus centring on children and improving their livelihoods around the world. She was named a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in 2003 in connection with her work.

She is currently third in line to the Monégasque throne.

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