King Felipe Presides Over 2017 Pascua Militar

  January 6, 2017 at 4:02 pm by

Today at the Plaza de la Armería at the Royal Palace of Madrid, King Felipe VI of Spain presided over the annual Pascua Militar, a military ceremony dating back to 1782 and the reign of Carlos III.

The King reviewed the Royal Guard formation during the ceremony, which also included a 21-gun salute and the playing of the Spanish national anthem, La Marcha Real. Queen Letizia joined her husband in the Plaza, as she does each year. This year, she wore a slate blue full length Felipe Varela gown with floral appliqués along the sleeves and sides of the skirt (the gown was first worn at the 2015 Pascua Militar).

Following the ceremony, the Royal Couple held a reception inside the Palace for the Chiefs of the Armed Forces and the Civil Guard, as well as other guests from each division. King Felipe gave a speech, thanking the members of the Armed Forces for their work, “for their service to our peace and security”, as well as acknowledging the sacrifices made by the families of active members.

Pascua Militar is held each January 6 to thank the Spanish Armed Forces for their contributions over the previous year. It’s first instance was in 1782 as a congratulations for the Armed Forces reconquering the Balearic Islands of Minorca.

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