Greetings From The Alps: Carl Gustaf & Silvia On Winter Holiday

  January 4, 2017 at 7:18 pm by

The King and Queen of Sweden are currently spending part of their winter break in the Swiss Alps. A photograph of the couple was released at the end of their day’s hike, with the gorgeous snow-covered mountains in the background.

Queen Silvia – who was hospitalised over Christmas with a cold and dizzy spells – has been in the news on a different matter this week: she has given an interview for documentary on Drottningholm Palace, and said that “you sometimes feel that you’re not completely alone”  – inferring the Palace is haunted by ghosts. “It’s really exciting…you don’t get scared,” she says, calling the ghostly inhabitants “all very friendly”.

The documentary airs on Thursday evening on STV.

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3 Responses to Greetings From The Alps: Carl Gustaf & Silvia On Winter Holiday

  1. Ure says:

    The King is only two years older than Prince Charles.

  2. Natalya says:

    Nice relaxation to Their Majesties !

  3. wyoming1954 says:

    I hope you both had a grand time on your trip to the Alps. I hope the Queen in doing a lot better. Colds are hard to get rid of at our age. Stay warm girl.

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