Palace Profile: Schönbrunn Palace

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In 2017, the TRF Blog will begin a series of profiles on the world’s palaces and castles. We begin with Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, home of the Habsburgs.

Facade of Schloss Schönbrunn

Location: Vienna, Republic of Austria
Built: 1642 (original form); 1740s-1750s (current form)
Architects: Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach (current form, preliminary design);
Nikolaus Pacassi (current form)
Commissioned By: Eleonora Gonzaga, Holy Roman Empress (original form);
Maria Theresa of Austria (current form)
Style: Late Baroque
Rooms: 1,441
On The Palace Grounds: The Gardens, Gloriette, Tiergarten, Roman Ruins, Orangery
Current Owner: Schloss Schönbrunn Kultur -und Betriebsges.m.b.H. for the Republic of Austria
Current Use: Tourist attraction
UNESCO World Heritage Site: Listed since 1996

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4 Responses to Palace Profile: Schönbrunn Palace

  1. Lisa Bohl says:

    Thank you for sharing this information! It’s like having a Royal Forums free public tourist attraction adventure. 🙂 Huge palace!!

  2. Natalya says:

    I admire this series… Thank You for this beautiful initiative!

  3. You have your history & great sightseeings!
    Unfortunately all castles, schlosses & Vizanteum churches were completely destroyed in the Krasnodar area on the Black Sea coast by cossacks and others.

  4. Janet Phillips says:

    This should be an exciting, interesting, and educational series–thank you for undertaking it! Schonbrunn is a fabulous place to visit.

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