Prince Harry’s Tour of the Caribbean: Day Thirteen – Guyana

  December 3, 2016 at 4:54 pm by

The second day of his visit to Guyana – and the penultimate day of his Caribbean tour – saw Prince Harry visit the gorgeous Hinterland region of the country.

He started in the village of Surama where he received a warm welcome from the local villagers, as well as the village’s Chief – a Toshao, and was presented with a traditional headdress of macaw feathers (similar to the one his father, Prince Charles, received when he visited the region in 2000). “What you are doing is incredible. Your leadership is so important to ensure the protection of this place,” Prince Harry said to the villagers.

After a cultural performance by the Makushi Culture Group, Prince Harry headed over to the Surama Village School and gave an impromptu lesson to a classroom of students. A second school stop took place at the Fair View Village School, who received a special gift from the Prince – a crateful of books, which put a smile on the pupils’ faces.

It was on then to the Iwokrama International Centre, which provides protection and conservation work for the Iwokrama Forest. After speaking with rangers about their work and what programs are in place to protect the forest, Harry went on a tour of parts of the centre, including a chance for some caiman spotting.

The final stop on the day’s agenda was the Kaieteur Falls, the largest single drop waterfall in the world. Looking cautious, the Prince edged closer to a viewing ledge that shows the beauty of the Falls, as well as its 226m drop.

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3 Responses to Prince Harry’s Tour of the Caribbean: Day Thirteen – Guyana

  1. Natalya says:

    Prince Harry is the prince of people like His Royal Highness’s Mother, majestic Prince Diana.

  2. Audrey says:

    yes yes yes…I agree with Natalya said that Prince Harry is the prince of people like His Royal Highness’ Mother, majestic Crown Princess Diana Spencer

  3. MaggieMay says:

    I could not have said it better myself Natalya.Prince Harry is so likeable and he has a knack with people,he genuinely enjoys what he does.A thoroughly modern royal with the utmost respect for all people and cultures.Well done Harry.I especially love the way he always makes the children smile.God Bless you.

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