Scholarships Awarded to Young Telents by Crown Princess Margareta!

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Photos by Daniel Angelescu

On Monday 14th November, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Margareta of Romania and her sister, Princess Maria attended the Young Talent Gala at the National Theatre in Bucharest in order to hand out diplomas to 36 young scholars for their artistic performance and abilities in Fine Arts and Classical Music.

The diploma awards were sponsored by the Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation, which over the years has invested almost one million Euros to promote and help in future artistic talent in Romania. Part of this has resulted in more than 250 young artists being helped through scholarships and mentoring programmes.


Photos by Daniel Angelescu

During the evening, a Film Music programme was performed in front of the audience, who listened to both the original versions of the scores as well as interpretations from some of the scholars.

Later on, an exhibition was held showcasing the visual arts with some impressive and rather remarkable paintings, graphics, sculptures and fashion being among the pieces exhibited.  The exhibition is open to the public this week.

Click on the photos for more images of this event.


Photos by Daniel Angelescu







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