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Crown Prince Frederik Camouflages Neck Brace During IOC Meeting in Lausanne

  October 26, 2016 at 4:26 pm by

Crown Prince Frederik may have recently injured his spine during a trampolining accident, but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing with his planned schedule. The Crown Prince is currently in Lausanne, Switzerland for an International Olympic Committee meeting.

Due to his injury, Frederik is required to wear a neck brace for the coming weeks to help assist the fracture to heal. The media paid much attention to his use of a striped green scarf to hide the brace, though the Prince himself downplayed the severity of the injury, saying the pain was nothing a few mild pain relief tablets can’t subside.

Frederik is a member of the coordination committee for the 3rd Winter Youth Olympic Games that will take place in 2020 in the city, which has met for the first time this week.

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2 Responses to Crown Prince Frederik Camouflages Neck Brace During IOC Meeting in Lausanne

  1. Jorge Melenudo Escamilla says:

    This reminds me that GOD bends over backward to encourage us to do the right thing and HE continues to encourage us. GREAT profession.

    Jorge Melenudo Escamilla

  2. Jorge Melenudo Escamilla says:

    It also reminds me of a rumor:
    When Absalum stole King Davids Crown
    It fell all the way to his shoulders
    ‘Cause King David wore a size 10 hat.
    Jorge Melenudo Escamilla

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