Princess Haya Opens Up On Her Husband And Children

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HRH Princess Haya bint Al Hussein gave a rare insight to her family on today’s Virgin Radio’s ‘The Kris Fade Show’ in Dubai.

Princess Haya spoke about how normal the family is and that they are like any other family who get up early and drop the kids off at school, she said “We’re up around 6.15-6.30… the kids are up and ready to go to school”. She goes on saying, “We have breakfast together when we can and either myself or His Highness try to do the school run. At 5.30pm, it’s quite strict, we have dinner time in our house, especially on school nights.

I like to be there to do the bath and bed routine with my children. After they go to bed at 7.30 at night there are one or two hours for ourselves. Normally I’m in bed at 9:30-10pm and then it’s next day, pretty much like everyone else!.”

Princess Haya also spoke about her humanitarian work with the UN.

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لقد قضيت 3 ساعات إضافية مع النقيب عوض تركي المحاسنه قائد فريق المهام الخاصه, حيث حدثني عن الكثير من الامور التي ساعدتني على تفسير وفهم الوضع وما يمرون به أكثر…النقيب عوض قد رزق بإبن جديد قبل يومين سماه بإسم هاشم ولم يراه بعد إلى من خلال صورة. عوض يراقب الامور في جميع الأوقات وهو سريع وفخور بقواته، ويعطي لهم الفضل لجهودهم. قد وقفنا تحت جناح طائرة الشحن للتحدث، عندما رأيت مجموعة من الرجال جالسون بهدوء تحت المطر، للحفاظ على سلامتنا. هؤلاء الرجال كانوا من فريق المهام الخاصة الاردنية. قواتنا، القوات العربية، لم يشكو أبداً. فطيلة الوقت وهم جالسون تحت المطر يتمعنون في المسافة. لم يسبق في حياتي أن شعرت بالتواضع الذي شعرت به بتلك اللحظة. هؤلاء يرون الأشياء الفظيعة، ويقاتلون من أجل انسانيتنا، ويسهرون لحمايتي ولحماية بضائع الإغاثة. شكراً لكم يا اخواني I spent a further 3 hours with the Jordanian Captain Awad Turki AlMahasna, SWAT team leader, where he told me many things that gave me more of a sense of what they faced than facts and numbers… Al Nakeeb Awad just had his second child two days ago, a little boy he named Hashem. God bless them both, he has not seen him yet, only in pictures. Awad watches you all the time, he is quick, and proud of his troops. He gives them credit all the time. We stood under the wing of the cargo plane for a while talking, and then I saw some men sitting quietly and protecting us under the rain in the distance. It was the Jordanian Swat Team. Our troops, Arab troops, they never complain. They just sat there in the rain and watched us talk under the wing of the plane. Never have I felt so humble in my life. They see terrible things, they fight for our humanity, and they stayed in the distance silently protecting me and our cargo. Thank you, my brothers.

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3 Responses to Princess Haya Opens Up On Her Husband And Children

  1. kit says:

    Interesting that she is so educated and “so western” while most of the women in her country are veiled and uneducated…..the moslems in the middle east need to promote welfare for girls and they need to take in the refugees from Syria and Iraq who are flooding the EU…………Dubai is a very rich nation, why should Sweden and Germany have to get these hordes?

  2. Jorge Melenudo Escamilla says:

    GOD bless you,

    If you come to El Paso, I would like to help you see the area.

    Jorge Melenudo Escamilla

  3. Jorge Melenudo Escamilla says:

    By the way, they grow up too fast, enjoy it while it lasts. Please greet His Majisty for me.

    Jorge Melenudo Escamilla

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