Princess Maria Attends Radio-Play Preview

  October 21, 2016 at 6:05 pm by

On Thursday 20th October, Her Royal Highness Princess Maria of Romania attended a preview of a play entitled “Algeria” (choice) that was written back in 1960 by the Princess’s parents, King Michael and Queen Anne. The preview was arranged by Romania’s National Radio Theatre at the Press Center of Romanian Radio Broadcasting and was hosted by the President and General Manager of the Romanian Radio Society.

The event was part of a series of events being held in celebration of the forthcoming birthday of King Michael, who will be 95 years old on October 25.

The play is described as being: “a disturbing meditation on man’s spirit and passions, temptations of all kinds…and the place of human beings in the universe…the text becomes a confession, written with lucidity, sensitivity…”

The late Queen Anne spoke of writing the play in her book, “A War, An Exile, A Life”, in which she describes how she and King Michael started off by writing about their lives and developing ideas and thoughts based upon their different backgrounds.  Her Majesty wrote:

The whole thing was…written together…stitching thoughts, ideas, imagination. As I had done before in real life [and] as we have done since then. Speaking, writing, looked [at] each other what we had written ourselves…I was inspired!

One of the difficulties that the King and Queen appear to have related to how the play would end.  Thus Queen Anne continued:

The end came in the hearts and minds of both sitting and reflecting together. The solution was…love. So we decided [what] we do with our story and the characters in the play: to move towards love.

“Choice” will be broadcast for the first time on the evening of King Michael’s birthday.

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