Republicanism in New Zealand

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The question of the relevance of monarchies is one which seems to be being asked more and more frequently these days. Just recently, an American magazine ran an article about the Danish Crown Prince Couple, in a similar vein. Many constitutional monarchies are questioning whether they should turn republic, and New Zealand has been one of these.

New Zealanders don’t seem to be able to make up our minds – there’s enough interest that the issue keeps coming up, but no one wants to be the one to actually push for the change to a republic. A column in a recent weekend newspaper has brought the matter back to our attention. Holmes (the author) questions the relevance of a monarch who lives thousands of kilometres away, with a very different lifestyle to your average Kiwi, and very rarely visits.

Monarchies in general were also discussed on a morning television show this past week. So there is discussion. Earlier this year Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced that whilst Australia making the change was not likely to be immediate, it would happen. The message is the same from New Zealand’s PM John Key, he saying that it is unlikely to ‘happen under his watch’.

So there are those who want New Zealand to become a republic, and they are getting tired of all the talk, and lack of action. But there are also plenty who either are neutral or wish for the Queen to remain our Head of State. For New Zealand to become a republic a referendum would have to be won.

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