Chrifa Lalla Joumala Alaoui: First Moroccan Woman Ambassador to the US

  October 16, 2016 at 6:14 pm by

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King Mohammed VI swore in Lalla Joumala Alaoui – the first woman to serve as Moroccan ambassador to the United States – to her new diplomatic position on Thursday at the Royal Palace in Casablanca, the King had appointed Alaoui to the position in February to replace Rachad Bouhlal the ambassador in charge of Morocco’s correspondence with the superpower since December 2011.

Before her appointment as Morocco’s Ambassador to Washington D.C. Lalla Joumala held the position of the Kingdom’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom since January 2009, she was granted April of last year in London of the prestigious 2015 “Diplomat Magazine” Award for her outstanding contribution to diplomacy, the prize was awarded to the Moroccan Ambassador in recognition of “her outstanding efforts to reinforce diplomatic action.”

Lalla Joumala is King Mohammed VI’s cousin, She is the daughter of the late Princess Lalla Fatim Zahra the eldest daughter the late King Mohammed V and aunt of King Mohammed VI.Pursuant to royal tradition, Lalla Joumala studied at The Royal College with her siblings and cousins, Sater she studied at the University of London, completing a Bachelor of Arts degree at the School of African and Oriental Studies, she formed the Moroccan-Britain Society in 2003 to allow cultural understanding between the peoples of the two kingdoms mentioned in the organization’s name. Through the MBS she played a key role in establishing the King Mohammed VI Fellowship in Moroccan and Mediterranean Studies in partnership with Oxford University.

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