The Cambridges On Tour: Canada, Day Three

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Day three of the Cambridge tour of Canada saw the couple head to the gorgeous Great Bear Rainforest with a stop in Bella Bella, where the weather definitely put the ‘rain’ in ‘rainforest’ (and caused a few itinerary changes!).

Arriving to a traditional welcome by the region’s Heiltsuk First Nations community, the Duke and Duchess watched on for a number of cultural music and dance performances by local children.

Then it was on to Elders Lodge for the official declaration of the Great Bear Rainforest as part of The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, an initiative put together to have all 53 Commonwealth nations dedicate a forest to create a “unique network of forest conservation” and to protect the world’s natural habitats.

Prince William gave a speech at the dedication, thanking Canada for their contribution on behalf of the Queen, and saying that “the establishment of the Canopy is a loud and unambiguous statement that the citizens of all Commonwealth countries believe that nature is fundamental to the health of our societies.”

He and Kate, who donned a pair of jeans, shirt, jumper and boots, then went on a walk through part of the rainforest – which is the world’s largest temperate rainforest – where they unveiled a plaque marking the rainforest’s entry into the QCC. Originally they were meant to take in the rainforest on an aerial tour but the weather changed that plan.

In the evening, upon their return to Victoria, William and Kate were guests at a reception at Government House hosted by the Province of British Columbia. During the reception, Prince William took part in a Black Rod reconciliation ceremony, where he added a ring meant to symbolise “the connection between the Crown, First Nations people and all people in British Columbia”.

The Duchess transformed out of her casual wear from earlier in the day into a sleek red cocktail dress from Preen, with her hair in a chignon and the Queen’s Diamond Maple Leaf brooch pinned on the dress.

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